Seminary Properties and Management


Since its establishment in the 1970s, Seminary Properties and Management, Ltd., has worked with a diverse range of properties across Chicago's North side, including some in the city's most coveted neighborhoods. The company derives its name from one of its first pieces of real estate, a property on Seminary Avenue. As a family business in its second generation of leadership, Seminary Properties and Management, Ltd. focuses on personal relationships, dedicated labor, and use of the latest technologies to maximize service and minimize inconveniences to its tenants.

The company primarily offers property management services. It maintains a full-time staff of experienced maintenance professionals who carry out daily inspections of each structure, completing repairs as needed, and attending to any issues brought to their attention by tenants of the buildings.

Throughout the past decades, the company has also given back to the local community through annual donations to groups such as JUF Chicago. Another recent charitable contribution went toward the purchase of real estate for the LaSalle Language Academy.